Nurihannam Winery Education Program

In 1992, Ů became the first school in Australia to legally operate a commercial winery. Just one hogshead (~240 litres) of wine was produced the first year. The name NURIHANNAM originally came about from the combination of the school name, and the name of the school’s previous cattle stud. The racehorses depicted on our fortified wines signify the schools historical association with Lindsay Park Stud. The horses’ names, derived from the education link were called ‘Class’ and ‘Scholar’, and are the inspiration for the names of our current wine range. Over one hundred students are involved in the winemaking process each year, and partake in activities that include growing the grapes, making the wine, bottling, and design of wine bottle labels.

In 1994, the school made its first Chardonnay using grapes grown at Kalimna, which continues today. The Chardonnay spends time at Treasury Wine Estate (formerly Wolf Blass winery) after crushing and pressing at the school.

In 1998, we produced our first Ruby fortified wine using school grown Shiraz grapes. Our Ten Year Old Tawny is a fortified wine that began as a Ruby, and was then aged in American oak at school for ten years before bottling.

A premium Barossa Class Shiraz was first produced in 1998 and still continues to this day. This exceptional wine is made from A-grade grapes grown at Ebenezer, being placed in new American oak barriques, kindly donated by Cooperage Australia 1912.

Another Shiraz, named Barossa Scholar is made from grapes grown at school and our leased block ‘Higginbotham’. This wine has won many awards and is of excellent quality.

The 5 wines produced annually include:

  • Barossa Class Shiraz
  • Barossa Scholar Shiraz
  • Barossa Class Ruby Fortified
  • 10 Year Old Tawny Fortified

  • The aim of the Wine Education Program is to help students improve their wine making skills; produce high quality commercial wine; and to develop industry skills and career awareness in students so they may enter the Wine and Viticulture industry.

    All profits go to funding the Agriculture programs and the advancement of our winemaking and viticulture facilities.

    Community Support of the Wine Education Program

    The ongoing success of the Wine Education program could not be possible without the generosity and support of many local businesses and individuals.

    Treasury Wine Estate (formerly Wolf Blass and Penfolds Wines), and Sepplesfield continue to provide professional guidance, support, and encouragement to the students and staff of Ů’s Wine Education Program. Upgrades of our winemaking facilities have been made possible by the support of Barossa Wine Show Committee and the Marananga Wine Show Committee. Vinpac International with support from Clear Image, CCL label, Alcan, and Visy Board kindly donate the bottling and packaging of our wines since 2001. Cooperage Australia 1912 (formerly Heinrich Cooperage) donated a new hogshead in 2003, and donate barriques annually (from 2004 – 2017). Penfolds have also donated several barriques to the Wine Education Program. Furthermore, the ongoing generosity of many individuals, retired winemakers and families of past and present students through grape donations and guidance is greatly appreciated by staff and students at Ů.

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