Research Project

The focus capabilities for this subject are literacy, numeracy, information and communication technology, critical and creative thinking, personal and social ethical understanding and intercultural understanding.

The Research Project is a compulsory 10-credit Stage 2 subject that students need to complete with a ‘C’ grade or better to achieve the SACE.

Students may apply to complete the Stage 2 Research Project while in Year 11. This choice replaces one Semester at Stage 1. Students completing RPA or RPB while in Year 11 will have an additional study line when in Year 12.

To be eligible to apply to do The Research Project in Year 11, a student must have successfully completed Semester 1 subjects and achieved at least a B in Stage 1 English.

The Research Project gives students the opportunity to study an area of interest in depth. It allows students to use their creativity and initiative, while developing the research and presentation skills they will need in further study or work. The Research Project can take many forms, for example community-based projects, technical or practical activities, work-related research and subject-related research.

Students receive a result in one of two forms:

  • Research Project A, which has an external assessment that may be undertaken in a range of formats.
  • Research Project B, which has an external assessment that must be undertaken in written form.

  • Students wishing to achieve their Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) must do Research Project B.

    Assessment Tasks

    Assessment Type 1: Proposal, Folio and Discussion 30%
    Assessment Type 2: Research Outcome 40% (RPA - 1500 words; RPB - 2000 words)
    Assessment Type 3: Research Review (RPA) or Research Evaluation (RPB) 30%