Student Representative Council

SRC stands for the Student Representative Council. It is an organisation comprised of students from years 8-12 with a variety of numbers from each year level. These leaders have been elected by their peers to be the voice of the student body after they have applied to join. The SRC is the voice of the school community, supporting ideas and plans into becoming reality, to support the improvement of school life and wellbeing. The role of the SRC is to also organise school and local events to raise money for numerous well-deserving foundations and also undertake projects to help improve the school.

The current Student Representative Council consists of 25 members. From this group executive leadership roles are elected (President, Vice-President, Student Voice Representative, Treasurer and Secretary).

In 2021 we introduced the junior and senior Student Voice Representative. This role ensures that the SRC are communicating regularly with the student cohort and listening to suggestions to improve our school. This is supported through the SRC being the main fundraising body for the school, and organising casual clothes days throughout the year.

In previous years the SRC has:

  • Organised multiple casual days with entertainment during lunch
  • Successfully resourced catering for sports day
  • Ran multiple fundraising stalls
  • Hosted school Assemblies
  • Participated in Anzac and Remembrance Day assemblies
  • Participated in school committees
  • Acted as tour guides and ushers for various events
  • Helped improve our school’s waste management system
  • Raised money for multiple foundations/charities
  • Raised money to improve school facilities
  • Spread awareness for women’s sanitary products
  • Revegetation in the Blue Gums Woodlands and throughout the school
  • Helped update the school uniform with new raincoats
  • Working with several parties within the school, including the IEC (who kindly made us sustainable and reusable bags to use on casual clothes days!) and various other groups
  • Creating the online suggestion box, so we can collect new ideas for around the school

  • SRC Bin

    SRC has also been continuously supporting World Vision children for the past 20 years. our most recent sponsor child is Bin, an 11-year-old boy from Sri Lanka, he is also in his 6th grade of schooling and his favorite subject is drawing. Bin enjoys playing cricket with his sister in his spare time.

    We can’t wait to see Bin grow as we continue to support him and his learning journey!

    SRC 2021